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Pet Behavioral Medicine

Enhancing a pet’s well-being through psychological assessment, therapy, and interventions for healthier behavior and improved quality of life.

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Unleashing Happiness Through Pet Behavioral Medicine at Veterinary Hospital of Oak Ridge, NC

We understand that your pet’s well-being extends beyond physical health at Veterinary Hospital of Oak Ridge. Our everlasting dedication to the link between pets and their owners inspires us to provide a game-changing service: pet behavioral medicine. Our hospital is committed to assisting pets in living balanced, joyous lives by utilizing a thorough grasp of animal behavior and human emotion.

Understanding the Potential of Behavioral Medicine for Pets

We think that every tail wag, purr, and loving gaze contains a universe of communication. Our pet behavioral medicine service goes above and beyond typical veterinarian treatment, diving into the complex world of your pet’s emotions. We are here to bridge the gap, building a stronger bond between you and your animal buddy with a caring and professional staff.

Benefits for Your Beloved Companion

  • Soothing Anxiety: Does thunder make your dog cower? Do new environments stress your cat? Our experts are adept at addressing anxiety-related behaviors, helping your pet find calmness and security.
  • Controlling Aggression: If your pet’s aggression is giving you concern, let us analyze the possible causes for the behavior. We will work with you to devise practical measures to help modify your pet’s behavior and provide a safer and more peaceful life.
  • Banishing Phobias: Whether it’s an aversion to other animals or a phobia of automobile journeys, we’re here to help your pet through gradual desensitization, replacing fear with confidence.
  • Fostering Social Skills: Pets, like people, typically thrive in social environments. We can discuss ways to help your pets develop pleasant connections with other animals and humans through customized programs.
  • Reducing obsessive Behaviors: From excessive licking to constant pacing, our pet behavioral medicine service addresses Obsessive behaviors, restoring your pet’s comfort and reducing their anxiety.