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Dog, Cat, and Exotics Boarding

Premier care for pets. We offer top-tier boarding services catering to dogs, cats, and exotic animals—your pets’ home away from home.

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Welcome to Veterinary Hospital of Oak Ridge’s Premier Boarding Services

At the Veterinary Hospital of Oak Ridge, we recognize that your four-legged and feathered friends are more than simply pets; they’re valued members of your family. When life’s adventures take you away from home, make sure your cherished pets get the care and attention they deserve with our unrivaled dog, cat, and exotics boarding services in Oak Ridge, NC.

A Retreat Tailored to Every Paw and Claw

Dog Boarding: From brisk morning walks to lively afternoon sessions, our committed staff ensures that your canine companions have their holiday. Our large kennels, regular exercise, and engaging playing keep their tails wagging and spirits soaring.

Cat Boarding: Our feline buddies deserve to relax. Your cats may explore, rest, and satisfy their curiosity in a secure, relaxing environment with cozy hideaways, climbing ledges, and interactive toys.

Exotics Boarding: For your family’s more unusual members, our professionals provide specialized care for reptiles, birds, and small mammals. Your exotic pets will be given personalized care and appropriate habitats to guarantee their well-being throughout their stay.

The Benefits of Our Extraordinary Boarding Services

  • Comfortable Accommodations: Each pet has a private space designed to mirror the comforts of home, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.
  • Personalized Attention: Our experienced caregivers are attuned to your pet’s needs, offering one-on-one playtime, grooming, and snuggles to keep loneliness at bay.
  • Medical Expertise: With veterinarians on-site, rest easy knowing that your pet’s health is in capable hands and any medical needs will be addressed promptly.
  • Enriching Activities: Regular mental and physical stimulation through interactive toys and group play helps your pet thrive during their stay.
  • Safe Environment: Our modern facility is equipped with advanced security systems and sanitized diligently to ensure a clean and secure environment.

Embrace Peace of Mind, Book Today

We at Veterinary Hospital of Oak Ridge are pet parents as well, so we understand the feelings associated with leaving your beloved pets in the care of others. Our boarding services go beyond simply providing a haven; we build a second home for your dogs where they may thrive and feel appreciated.

Say goodbye to the burden of leaving your dogs behind and hello to a stress-free vacation, knowing they’re in the hands of compassionate specialists who care as much about their well-being as you do.

You can enjoy outstanding dog, cat, and exotics boarding in Oak Ridge, NC. Contact us today to reserve your pet’s next retreat and offer them the gift of care, comfort, and companionship.